Finally we have made a few updates.

3 new dogs have arrived from Finland & Sweden.
They are ready to keep us company instead of the beloved ones we have lost.

Catchy is as close to Sunny as possible, and Yoko is a grandchild of Yummie's sister.

Timber is a wish-come-through-dog for John, and he has really fulfilled his expectations.


Applejack's Catch The Moon.

Destinys Fight Fire With Fire

SE U(U)CH Applejack's King Of The Road

Applejack's Sweet Charity

Applejack's Soulsinger

Dickendall Davaron No Exit

SE U(U)CH Labrador Vom Bedhard Golden Song

Ambra Labradors Vom Bedhard

SE U(U)CH Jayncourt Natural Star

GB SHCH Sandylands Gad-About

Annual's Naughty Girl

Jayncourt Star-Blossom

Annual's Creme Fraiche

Mandamay Caretaker


Annual's Fashion Girl


Yoko - Evening's Oprah

Recently she was x-rayed, and she scored A-A hips, and 0-0 elbows.

Picasso Queijeiro

Queijeiro Da Vinci

Luciana Queijeiro-Toca

Follies Ivar

C.I.B FIN CH EE CH FINVV-06 LTVV-08 Follies Mon Oncle

Follies Big Bertha

Saskian Twix

FINVV Mailiksen Gentleman

FIN CH SE CH Strongline's Eternal Flame

FIN CH Tweedledum Purple Evening

FIN CH Mailiksen Lumikki

Tweedledum Curtain Call

AM CH Dickendall Arnold


Tweedledum Mascara


Timber is growing up, and now he has 3x1.prize in beginners' class, and 1x1.prize & Best Dog in open class, field trial C.

And during the whole hunting-season he has been very satisfyingly retrieving.


Late summer 2011 we were very sorry to have to say goodbye to our two beloved boys, Oscar & Basta. RIP beautiful guys.

Oscar - DKCH SCH Tossop's Dandy

Basta - Readywood Let Me Be Your Valentine

Summer 2011

One of these small darlings will - according to the plans - arrive at Readywood Kennels in August 2011!
Take a look when the time comes....

Hellooo there - I'm Timber sitting with my Dad.

Portrait at 3 months.

Always ready for action.

I arrived from Sweden May 2011.

And I was welcome to use my uncle Oscar's blanket.

My name is Carmal's Unforgettable. My father Lee was born in England and is living at Applejack's, and my mother is Nikita, who lives at Carmal's.
Take a look at my pedigree:

GB FTCH Millcottage Pathfinder

GB FTCH Colhill Crusader of Brocklebank

Delfleet Hawk


Pasturelands Amber of Millcottage

Delfleet Pollen

GB FTCH Dargdaffin Dynamo

  Stichwood Rapier

Whistlestop Scamp

GB FTCH Minstead Morse

Saltbarrow Maiden

SE J (J) CH Streamlight's Nikita

Sparkfield Gavin

NORD JCH Searover Fancy Fascination

 LP SE JCH NO JCH Classical Star-light

First visit to see Timber, soo cute 5 weeks old.

Late in April 2011 - one week before the operation of a new hip for Rita - & Oscar 12 years old.

January - February 2011.

While we are waiting for spring to come, we enjoy the sunshine in January.
Bitchie, soon 6 years. Yippee, soon 4 years. Nanna 7 years. Rita, ehh.... Basta, soon 5 years and Oscar, soon 12 years old.
5 out of 7 in our house are having their birthday from the 26th of January to the 26th of February.


Rita passed a milestone the 26th of January by having a "candlelight-dinner (very)transportable" & after that by spending an evening enjoying "La Boheme" at the Royal Danish Opera - a totally fantastic evening.


Oscar, the eldest, now 12 years old (which means 84 if a human being) is still going strong, maybe because he spends most of his day sleeping in order to be fit for fight when having his meals or going for a long walk.



Visiting Annie & Jøhrn, Mille & Gucci.


Readywood Y Not Fancy Me.
(Wishwood Marshman/Readywood Giant Giulietta)
Up till now she is the eldest Readywood ever. Now 15½ years old.

Readywood It's My Way Or No Way.
(Tossop's Dandy/ Tweedledum Crew Only)
The most wonderful, sweetest and most intelligent of all the Oscar/Yummie-daughters.



Yippee & Bitchie in their "survival-outfit" - well, yes one is black.
At the end of a long day of hunting in the freezing wheather they are cold and even wet, and so it's nice and warm, when John puts them into their "survival-outfit" before they jump into the car to take a nice & comfy nap on their cosy soft blankets. They really seem to enjoy the routine.




Please download Java(tm).


Summer 2010.

 Lulu is here on vacation:

All the dogs are having a nice time playing and eating fruit.



Presenting our recent Readywood litter.
In the corner of the kennel:
Readywood Tjip, Tjap, Tjup & Tjuske.

England 2010.
Cambremerdogs on one of their daily walks with Les Brabban, and here also with MaiLis.

Like mother like daughter.
Yummie 11 years old & Nanna 6 years old. (2009 & 2010)

Spring is coming .... even though today it snowed. (Basta)

Valentines day 14.02.10 Basta was 4 years old. Congratulations nice chap!

2 days later it's John's birthday. He is now ---OOOoooppss--- years old.
And next week our grand old boy Oscar will be 11!

Basta 3 years old.

In July 2009 Yippee scored 70 points in a Retriever-workingtest, so he passed the test.
And in September he was awarded a first prize in open class, field trial C.
Well done Yippee!



The 13th of June 2009 Nanna attended a show in Vejen. Bolette Heering was judging. Nanna was awarded second place in open class.

She also brought her son Jackson to the show. He was 3rd in workingclass. Nice job, Jackson.


The 9th of May 2009 Yippee passed his Qualification-test.